Even Justin Bieber gets sweaters for Christmas.
The singing sensation’s mentor and good friend Usher was spotted at the super pricey Andrew Buckler store in New York, picking up some clothes for his protege.
According to the New York Post, Usher “told the staff he was shopping for Justin… He was talking about Bieber’s clothing size to make sure he would get the right fit for him.”
So what did the Biebs get for Christmas?
Usher bought him a sweater, jeans and a shirt.
Not too shabby. Although for Bieber’s 16th birthday, Usher bought him a Range Rover

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Edson disse...

Justin Bieber, known in Brazil as “Justin Biba”

biba = gay, homosexual

Justin Biba in action and coming out of the closet


Baby, I am Biba, ooohh.

Girls, I’m sorry, but I am gay. (written by Justin Bieber)

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